Sunday, July 12, 2009

Commercial on Dominica

Here is the link to an interesting commercial on Dominica.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dominica - Nature Island of the Caribbean

Dominica is a tiny island in the Lesser Antilles. The island is approximately 300 miles squared with a population of 70,000. The name Dominica comes from the Italian word for Sunday ("Domenica"), which was the day on which it was spotted by Christopher Columbus. There are two primary population centers: Roseau (the capital) and Portsmouth. The main language is English but a dialect of french called patois is also predominantly spoken on the island. Dominica is often confused with the Dominican Republic and most people that I have encountered in the U.S. have never heard of my tiny island.

Dominica has been nicknamed the Nature Island of the Caribbean due to its unspoiled natural beauty. Dominica is a destination spot for nature lovers unlike most of the other island which are mainly known for their beaches. The few beaches on the island are mainly black sand beaches due to the volcanic nature of the island. The unique marine life makes Dominica one of the top rated areas for avid snorkelers. Dominica is largely covered by rain forests and is home to the second largest boiling lake in the world. Waterfalls and hot springs are rampant on the island. Dominica proudly boasts its 365 rivers, one for every day of the year! It is said that when his royal sponsors asked Christopher Columbus to describe this island in the "New World", he crumpled a piece of parchment roughly and threw it on the table. This, Columbus explained, is what Dominica looks like—completely covered with mountains with nary a flat spot. The Sisserou parrot is Dominica's national bird and is indigenous to its mountain forests.

Dominica is a parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations. Unlike the majority of countries in the Caribbean, the Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the region's few republics. The president is the head of state, while executive power rests with the cabinet, headed by the prime minister. Dominica gained its independence from Britain on November 3rd, 1978.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All about me

My name is Janelle and I live in Maryland. I have a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland (Go Terrapins!) and I'm currently pursuing an MS in Project Management from Boston University.

I work for the Federal government as a General Engineer. My work entails management of government contractor activities, and interactions with other government agencies. Prior to being employed with the government, I worked at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, CT.

I was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic!)which is a tiny island in the Caribbean. The total population of the island is 70,000 which is only 2 times greater than the student population at the University of Maryland! I have lived in the U.S. for 9 years and I am finally getting used to the brutal winters of the DC-MD-VA area.